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The Best Fish and Chips: Big Daddy’s Fish Fry in Tofino

Fish and chips may very well be popular British grub, but it was in Canada that I had the tastiest serving ever of this delicious staple dish. I was visiting Tofino, on the wild Pacific coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, when my taste buds were tantalised by the offerings at Big Daddy’s Fish Fry. This was the sort of place that stands out as a result of its reputation rather than its aesthetics. Before even arriving, the driver on the Tofino Bus from Nanaimo had described Big Daddy’s as the best place to get fish and chips. I have to admit, at this point my sceptical side suspected that he was doing a wee bit of advertising for some close pals. But after sampling the fantastic food for myself, I don’t think he went far enough with his praise. Big Daddy’s do the best fish and chips in the world would have sufficed. Okay, that might be a big stretch. I would however say that Tofino should be famous for surfing, whale watching… and Big Daddy’s fish and chips. Oh, and let’s …

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Colourful Lanterns At The Old Country Market In Coombs

How lovely are these lanterns at the Old Country Market in Coombs, Vancouver Island? They were literally hanging all over the place and provided a real hippy vibe. In fact, this area of British Columbia, Canada is generally brimming with hippies and the alternative minded. International foods, clothing and antiques are amongst the wares and there are some famously delicious ice cream parlours. But it is a gang of goats grazing on the market’s roof that cause the most fuss, hence this shopping attraction is popularly referred to as Goats on the Roof.    

Beautiful Sunset In Tofino

Tofino on the west coast  of Vancouver Island, Canada, was mostly deluged by wind and rain during the few days I visited.  But there was one beautiful evening to start with where the sky was clear and the mountains were visible, allowing for a gorgeous sunset.  In the days that followed, this scene consisted of mist and not much else, so I was happy to have captured this image to show how breathtakingly pretty and serene Tofino can be.     

Surfers at Cox Bay, Tofino

Tofino, Vancouver Island: Where Rainforest Meets The Pacific Ocean

Known as the jewel of the west coast, Tofino is a small surfing town on Vancouver Island boasting a spectacular wild shoreline. The journey here involved an hour-and-a-half ferry ride from Vancouver to Nanaimo, followed by a four-hour ride on the Tofino Bus.  The Tofino Bus was an experience in itself! Our bus driver was an energetic character who declared himself to the passengers as “Sir John, knight of the road and lord of the luggage bin.” As we passed Port Alberni and began heading west, we were warned about what to expect on the road ahead.  “If somebody offers you some soup, say no,” said Sir John, as the bus stopped for people to grab some quick lunch, before the last leg of the journey. After here the ride gets a lot more rocky.” He was not exaggerating. It was not long before the bus was gyrating side to side as it quickly shot around sharp bends. Rugged rainforest climbed steeply on both sides and was broken up every now and then by stunning views of Kennedy Lake – a vast expanse of …