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I’ve Got Fernweh!

I’m always dreaming about¬†travel – reading numerous blog posts and magazines in search of bites of information and inspiration. All … »

Peyto Lake Canada

Could You Be A Digital Nomad?

I’ve often been drawn to the idea of being a digital nomad – working on the road, earning a living … »

Jericho sunset Vancouver

Am I Too Old To Go Travelling?

Before deciding to go travelling in Canada, I was riddled with insecurities about being too old for backpacking. What is … »

eiffel tower and river seine in Paris

Travel New Year’s Resolutions

What is 2013 going to hold for me on the travel front?¬†While 2012 was all about making long-term solo travel … »

I’m Coming Home To Liverpool

After more than four months of solo travel in Canada, I have decided to come home a month earlier than … »