Great Budget Eats In Vancouver

Vancouver Chinatown foodThe fresh Pacific salmon, amazing sushi, abundance of fresh produce and array of international cuisine make Vancouver a fantastic destination for foodies. As a backpacker on a tight budget, I was always on the look out for cheap places to eat. I spent around a third of my five-month Canada trip in this city (two separate stays) and found quite a few budget restaurants and cafes to satisfy the palate without breaking the bank. Continue reading

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden In Vancouver

Dr Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden In Vancouver

A tranquil spot to visit in Vancouver is the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden. Modelled on the traditional design of a scholar’s garden from 15th Century China, during the Ming Dynasty, this stunning space features different elements that create a peaceful, harmonized environment. Everything from the jade green water and mystical plants to the weathered rocks and beautiful architecture comes together to promote the perfect balance of yin and yang.  Continue reading

Am I Too Old To Go Travelling?

Before deciding to go travelling in Canada, I was riddled with insecurities about being too old for backpacking. What is the best age to go travelling? Is 28 a good age to go backpacking? Am I too old for long-term travel? These were the kind of questions I would find myself typing into Google, before scouring through various forums on the subject. The general opinion seemed to be that you are never too old to travel and that travel can actually be more enjoyable in your later 20s than when you are straight out of college or university.

However, I was still worried that the majority of backpackers would be gap year students and free-as-a-bird under 25s looking to get wasted every night. Me? I was nearly 28 with a full-time job and long-term boyfriend. It was not a simple book and go situation. I was scared that I should be focusing on my career and settling down as oppose to leaving everything behind for several months. I did not have to look further than my Facebook feed to see that many of the people I went to school with were having kids and getting married. Shouldn’t I be doing this too? 

Despite these concerns I took the trip and, more than a year on, could not be more relieved about making the decision to travel in Canada for five amazing months. As it turned out, my fears about being too old were completely ridiculous.

Jericho sunset Vancouver

Yes, there were plenty of gap years students. But there were also much older people as well and many around the same age as me. The hostels I stayed in were filled with people from all walks of life. Career breakers, retired people taking that trip they had always dreamed of, those who had a work visa and were looking for a job, 18/19 year-olds taking a summer break before started uni. Having such as varied pattern of people makes travel more interesting. 

I quickly realised that you are never too old to travel so long as you have conviction behind why you are making a trip. Even if you just simply want to get away for a bit. This qualifies as a valid enough reason. Nobody ever regrets travel. It opens doors and enriches you, no matter what your age. Travel made 2012 the best year of my life. So get out there and make that trip you have always dreamed of. Do not look for validation from others, just go for it! Everything works out in the end. 


Have you ever worried about being too old before taking the plunge into long-term travel?