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houses in montreal, canada

Photos of Montreal Homes: Steps, Bicycles and Leafy Loveliness

I couldn’t help but stare up at a French voile curtain that was beautifully draped behind a baroque-style balcony of a second floor flat in Montreal. A trio of neatly placed plant pots were lined up in front of a heavenly-looking hammock. Despite having only been in this French Canadian city for a short time, I was already accustomed to the sheer amount of pride Montrealites appeared to take in the facades of their homes. Stairwells were charmingly carpeted, immaculate plant pots and floral decorations brightened up entrances, and retro front doors and wind chime displays brought a quirky edge to home fronts. Another hard-to-miss aspect was the abundance of bicycles that really added to the aesthetic appeal, as did the tree-lined streets. Have a look at these Montreal photographs and let me know what you think!    What do you think of Montreal’s lovely house fronts? 

A Gelato Affair In Vancouver

I fell in love in Vancouver… with gelato! There’s this little place called Bella Gelateria near Canada Place on the waterfront that makes the most beautiful gelato I’ve ever tasted. It’s beyond delicious. I was there almost every day ordering a double scoop of creamy scrumptiousness. Bad for the waistline, but too enjoyable to miss out on.  <a href=””>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> Are you a fan of gelato? What’s your favourite flavour?  

view from cn tower in toronto

Escaping from a Nightmare Basement to a Posh Hotel

Wrapped in a white fluffy dressing down, fresh from a long luxurious shower, I wandered into the bedroom and admired the king size bed that was sumptuously layered with cushions. Then I moved into the spacious office room where a plush couch, coffee table and desk could be found. I was staying in an executive suite at a posh hotel in Toronto. So what? you might think. The story here is how I unexpectedly wound up staying here for the night. No, I didn’t throw the towel in and decide I couldn’t spend another night in a hostel (I like staying in hostels). Nor did I necessarily feel like indulging in luxury. It was a set of circumstances that led me to be in Toronto one Friday night with nowhere to stay. The International Toronto Film Festival was underway and everywhere was fully booked.  How had I missed the small detail that a major event was taking place here and why was I arriving so unprepared? Longtime readers of my blog might have read about …

fluffy dog in canada

Cats Rule but the Dogs in Canada were Cute

I’m definitely a cat woman. Not in the sense that I’d pull off donning skin-tight leather like Michelle Pfeiffer or Halle Berry (ahem, that would not be pretty!). I just like those fluffy little creatures that spend 90 per cent of their time curled up in a ball fast a sleep and the other 10 per cent slinking around like they’re ‘it’. Despite my love for the feline kind, I seem to have accumulated quite a lot of photographs of adorable dogs during my Canada travels over the summer. Sorry kitties, you have some steep competition from the canine corner with these cuties… This little fluff ball was in their element at the fish market in Steveston Village, British Columbia. Is this dog a Scottish terrier? I have no idea. Cute though! I met Polly the labrador at the blueberry farm I worked at on Vancouver Island. I’d take her for daily walks in the forest during my two-week stint as a WWOOF-er.  Dogs on the beach in Tofino, Vancouver Island.  A very, VERY fluffy …