The Isle of Man Mist

Port Erin, Isle of Man, mist in Isle of Man, strange mists

Being a tiny island in the middle of the Irish Sea, the weather patterns in the Isle of Man can be extremely strange and changeable. While we enjoyed a week of bright blue skies and warm sunny weather during our summer visit, we were always conscious of an eerie element lurking in the background. As we drove around the island day after day, a thick grey mist could be seen on the horizon.

It looked so out of place and on a few occasions completely blanketed the clear, colourful scenery to create an altogether more spooky setting. An example of this was when we were in Port Erin in the south of the island, hiking across the headland of Bradda Head.

While we managed to complete the walk with the moody cloud remaining in the background, the coastline had been completely consumed by the time we reached the beach. 

Mist is closely connected to mythology in the Isle of Man. According to Manx legend, the sea god Manannan would protect the island from invaders by hiding it with his cloak of mist. Maybe this was how the island managed to escape invasion from both the Romans and the Anglo-Saxons! To see the misty transformation, take a look at the following photographs…

Port Erin, Isle of Man

Port Erin has a striking rugged coastline.

Port Erin, Kayaks

Kayaks for hire near Port Erin Beach.

Port Erin beach

The beach before the mist arrives.

port erin, isle of man

The mist looks a bit like a tidal wave on this picture, don’t you think?!

Isle of Man mist, Port Erin, Bradda Head

The closer we got to the mist, the darker it looked.

Port Erin mist

Bradda Head disappears.

Misty isle of man, Port Erin, Isle of Man mist

From a bright sunny scene to an eerie misty setting.


Have you ever experienced weird weather anomalies such as this on your travels? 




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