Peel, Isle of Man – Castle, Cliffs and Beaches

peel isle of man

The gorgeous view from Peel Hill

We crashed onto the grass around halfway up Peel Hill and just lay there completely motionless, recovering from the short yet relentless climb.

The sun felt so good against my skin; its warmth soothing and rejuvenating at the same time. Then there was the incredible view.

The ancient ruins of Peel Castle, a medieval  marvel shrouded in mystery and legend, stole the show to the left while the beautiful sun-drenched coastline with its creamy sand beach and grassy cliffs could be seen straight ahead. 

The picturesque harbour was visible when standing up, back-dropped by the village’s quaint building facades and rooftops in chalky white, grey and brown. It was just gorgeous to sit back for a moment and take in the impressive scenery. 

peel castle

The ancient ruins of Peel Castle

Peel harbour view

Peel Harbour

Peel is a fishing town on the Isle of Man’s stunning west coast. Well, strictly speaking it’s a city due to the presence of a cathedral.

I’ve been here a few times on previous visits and the scene is always different depending on the weather. Last time during the autumn, the beach and castle looked like this…

peel castle, peel beach, isle of man

Peel on a gloomy day

But this time when the sun was out, we were greeted with a much brighter picture…

peel isle of man, peel castle, peel beach, isle of man scenes

Peel on a sunny day

When you walk up along Peel’s promenade towards the castle, there’s another little beach, Fenella Beach, hidden between the cliffs that can be accessed down a slope.

During June, it was filled with piles of scallop shells. The Isle of Man is famous for its Queenie Scallops that are exported to restaurants across the world and it was getting towards the peak season. Most of the shells were in pieces, but I was happy to find one that was almost complete. I’ve now got it displayed on a shelf at home.

fenella beach, isle of man

Fenella Beach is hidden between the cliffs in Peel

scallop shell peel

A scallop shell found in Peel

Another thing. No trip to Peel is complete without a visit to Davisons Ice Cream Parlour where numerous award-winning flavours are temptingly laid in a colourful display.

Banoffee, chocolate orange, coconut and lime… the most delicious flavours imaginable can be found here!





  1. July 14, 2014 / 06:49

    This place is stunning in the bright sunlight. I love all these pictures and the scallop shell is perfect! Looks like you had a great time. I must make it to the Isle of Man one day.

    • July 22, 2014 / 22:15

      The IOM is my favourite place on earth – well, maybe after Canada ;-)