Isle of Man Glens: Rejuvenating Paradises

I always feel better after spending time in the Isle of Man. It’s just a beautiful rejuvenating place to be. I love the rugged sea swept coast, the rolling hills and the secluded pebble beaches where it’s possible to lose all sense of time. Out of the breathtaking diverse landscapes, though, the glens have to be my favourite.

Glen Maye, waterfall, isle of man, Glen Maye waterfall, glens, Isle of Man glens

Dotted around the island, these idyllic woodland areas have the most fresh nurturing air imaginable; you can literally feel yourself being cleansed with each breath. Everything is so moist and full of life and all of the senses are soothed.

Far from the fast-paced city, these little pockets of paradise promote stillness and reflection, like being encapsulated in a new-born, untainted world. I always say I’m a city girl, but it’s locations like this that make me think otherwise. In these places, I feel connected. I feel free.

woodland flowers, isle of man, glens

Woodland flowers

glens isle of man, groudle glen

Railway bridge at Groudle Glen

reflections, glens, isle of man

Trees reflecting in water at Glen Maye

There’s an impressive natural orchestra. Water gently meandering between rocks, tweeting birds, waterfalls, rustling leaves. Ferns and moss-covered rocks fill the undergrowth, while grand trees soar in many directions – curling inwards as they reach the canopy and straight out across the banks, forming natural bridges over the stream.

Looking up towards the treescape when the sun is shining reveals a cover of luminous leaves and a system of delicate branches stretching out like veins. Piles of brown leaves have been pushed to the side to make way for lush summer greenery, and tiny woodland flowers add dainty pops of colour.

Bold man-made structures such as the old railway bridge at Groudle Glen create gorgeous surreal scenery with fairy tale light casting its magic on the surroundings.

Groudle Glen, Isle of Man glens

Illuminated trees at Groudle Glen

woodland flowers, glens, isle of man

Beautiful tiny flowers pop amid the verdant scenery

Glen Maye, waterfall, glens, isle of man

Glen Maye Waterfall


What do you think? Do you feel relaxed in woodland surroundings? What natural landscape do you find most rejuvenating? 




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