Budget Dining in Paris: Returning to Le Zinc d’Honore

There was a predicted feeling of deja vu as we sat perusing the chalkboard menu at Le Zinc d’Honore – the Parisian bistro we’d dined at a few years before. While we usually like to try new restaurants and rarely return to the same one on our travels, we chose to make an exception this time.

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On our final evening in Paris we wanted to feast on some proper French cuisine watered down with a lovely bottle of vino. We weren’t looking for an a la carte experience or Michelin Stars. We were seeking a cozy restaurant corner, a laid-back ambiance, friendly service and delicious reasonably-priced food.

In a sea of Paris restaurants, bistros and cafes along every street, it can take forever deciding on where to go and there’s no shame in sticking with what you know so to speak.

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Cheers! Enjoying some wine at Le Zinc d’Honore bistro in Paris.

Finding that charming French bistro

After a busy day walking around Paris, we found ourselves near the Louvre and began retracing our steps in search of this little restaurant we both remembered so fondly. We couldn’t remember what the bistro was called, or exactly where it was, but somehow managed to navigate our way from the the archways of Rue de Rivoli and across to Rue Saint-Honore.

Then it was a right turn into Rue de Marche Saint-Honore, passing bars with people overflowing onto the road before reaching the square we were aiming for.

Place du Marche Saint-Honore is brimming with numerous restaurants and bars. French chatter filled the surroundings, joined by the odd English and American accents as we finally arrived at Le Zinc d’Honore.

Andy knew immediately that it was the one we’d been to three years back, while I initially thought it was around another corner. But the sense of familiarity set in as soon as I stepped inside. After spotting the bar straight ahead to the right and being wrapped in the traditional brasserie atmosphere straight away, we were reacquainted with the reasons why we had loved this bistro so much the first time around.

Then there was the yummy food…

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Restaurant Details – Le Zinc d’Honore 

Cost: A hearty three course meal and bottle of wine for two at this Paris bistro set us back around 80 Euros (£64, $109).

Location: 36 Place du Marche Saint-Honore, 75001, Paris

restaurant map  

What are your recommendations for budget bistros in Paris?