Big Breakfasts – Moose Coffee – Liverpool

While the English have the hearty fry-up to boast about, the Americans and Canadians really know how to do big breakfasts. For a mighty meal in Liverpool, head straight to Moose Coffee in Dale Street.

Think pancakes, waffles and lashings of maple syrup! 

This is not the best place to go if you’re on a diet, unless you have enough self control to skip the mammoth menu offerings and go for a lighter option (ha, never going to happen!). 

And why would you want to scrimp anyway with so many delicious options to choose from?

Moose Coffee, Liverpool

American Lodge Design

Deer antler chandeliers, rustic wood and natural hues create cosy interiors in keeping with the theme. I’ve walked past this cafe so many times and it’s always busy. Peeking in quickly from outside, it’s easy to assume there aren’t any seats left.

However, more tables are located on a landing upstairs, which is where we ended up. I must say, I really liked sitting up here. It was possible to fully appreciate the surroundings – especially those incredible chandeliers!  It was like being in an American country lodge, with an extra refined finish. 


All-Day Breakfasts

How annoying is it when you arrive somewhere at 11.15 am only to realize they stopped serving breakfast a quarter of an hour ago? This isn’t going to happen here as there’s a fixed menu letting you fully indulge your breakfast desires throughout the day.

What did I eat? For a few seconds, I was thinking about going for the New Hampshire Moose, which is a twist on the classic Eggs Benedict featuring two poached eggs on a toasted bagel with fresh smoked salmon and homemade hollandaise sauce. Sounds nice eh? Too healthy, though.

I quickly moved onto the ‘naughty’ part of the menu and opted for the more devilish Double Dutch. This huge portion consisted of two homemade smoked sausage and bacon pancakes with over easy eggs, butter and maple syrup – perfect for satisfying both sweet and savoury cravings.

It was proper gluttony and, although everything was beyond delicious, I only got around two thirds of the way through before I had to stop eating. This meant the lovely Oreo Moose Shake I’d ordered also had to be left. Yes, I overdid it and had eaten something earlier that morning so my stomach wasn’t as empty as it needed to be to take on such portions. Next time, though, I’m going to make sure I finish it all!


A truly epic breakfast. 

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Yey, coffee! 


Moose Coffee

6 Dale Street


L2 4TQ