I’m Going to the World Travel Market in London!

world travel market

world travel market

Yes! I’m finally going to the World Travel Market at ExCel in London… well, hopefully. This is a massive exhibition bringing together organisations and media from around the globe. With nearly 5,000 stands – including tourist boards, hotel chains and tour companies – this is the perfect opportunity for networking if you’re a travel blogger. 

I should probably *touch wood* as last time I planned to go to the WTM, things didn’t work out. 

Everything went tits up at the last minute. 

What happened? On the day I was due to leave Liverpool for London, I was all revved up with my press pass, media packs, business cards and ‘YES YOU CAN’ attitude. I had accommodation booked and a bus ticket for the afternoon. All I had to do that morning was go to the Job Centre. On returning home from travelling in Canada a month earlier, I’d had no choice but to sign up for Jobseekers Allowance to help me get by while I looked for work.

Besides applying for numerous jobs each day, I was running this blog on the side and knew the World Travel Market was an unmissable event. I’d organised meetings with tourist boards and was even hoping there might be some job opportunities going as well.

“I’d gone from being an inspired go-getter out to take on the world to a deflated mess hiding under the duvet.”

It wasn’t to be. Instead of being on a bus heading south I was in the Job Centre again trying to find out why they’d messed up my application for the third time. Frustrated at not having any answers, I became a blubbering wreck and was in no fit state to go anywhere. I’d gone from being an inspired go-getter out to take on the world to a deflated mess hiding under the duvet.

Anybody who has been on Jobseekers Allowance will know that it’s the most stunted incompetent system ever. Documents are more likely to go missing than not, the staff don’t know what the hell is going on most of the time and there’s no communication between the different departments so nothing ever gets done. 

In the end, I got my local MP involved and, funnily enough everything got sorted out. When I was offered a copywriting job a few weeks later, it was an unbelievable relief. It’s good to have less pressure this year so I can go along and enjoy the event. I still mean business, though.

My World Travel Market Schedule

I’m going to attend some Travel Bloggers Unite events, chat to tourist board officials, meet fellow bloggers and hopefully have fun visiting the stands to see what destinations are appealing for my 2014 travels. 

I’m also excited to have been invited to a Mauritian style champagne breakfast and flight simulator lesson to celebrate the launch of Emirates’ new Airbus A380 daily service between Dubai and Mauritius. After this, I’ll be transported to the WTM on the Emirates Air Line – London’s first urban cable car. I can’t wait! 


Give me a shout if you’re going to be there. I’m in London the whole week and want to meet as many lovely travel peeps as possible! 




  1. November 2, 2013 / 05:00

    Have fun! You deserve it after missing it last year. Can’t wait to hear ll about it.