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emirates flight to sydney

No trip to Sydney is complete without taking a stroll through the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens, going to see a show at the Opera House, climbing the Harbour Bridge or catching a ferry over to Manly. But besides all of the amazing sightseeing I enjoyed in Sydney, another memorable aspect of my Australian travels was the experience flying here with Emirates. 

Conversations about airlines quite often involve negative rants about measly baggage allowances. However, turn the topic to a positive point of view and you can guarantee that Emirates will be mentioned. Nobody can deny that this opulent airline is the cream of the crop in the world of aviation.

The Emirates flight I took from Manchester to Sydney was, hands down, the best flying experience I’ve ever had. Everything from the design of the plane to the aircrew was immaculate. Even though it was obviously a long haul flight and I was basically a human cushion for my two friends seated either side of me for the duration of the journey, the ride was unbelievably smooth and enjoyable. And this is coming from an uncomfortable flyer that freezes with fear at even the slightest of turbulence.

sydney bridge climb

What makes Emirates such a top-rated airline?

I think they manage to go the extra air mile for the customer. It’s not just the pristine presentation that manages to impress people so much, it’s about the whole flight experience.

My friend Gina works in the travel industry and has flown to Sydney and Dubai with Emirates before, including sampling the delights of business class (lucky her!). She cited the exceptional service provided as the reason for its prestige. “People rave about the customer service, generous baggage allowance and award-winning ice entertainment system,” she said. “They now fly to more than 130 destinations and the cabin crew are all multilingual.”

When Emirates was founded in 1985, the driving force was quality over quantity. With a state-of-the-art fleet of more than 200 aircraft today – and substantial orders for the creation of many more – this Dubai-based airline is an industry leader that continues to expand its international reach. 

Needless to say, if I ever travel to Sydney again, I’ll be looking for an Emirates flight! If you book early enough in advance, there are some great deals to be found through companies such as STA Travel. 

Have you ever flown anywhere with Emirates before or would you like to? If you have been on an Emirates flight, did you enjoy the experience?




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  1. October 20, 2013 / 03:17

    I have flown Air Emirates and you feel like you are in first class even when you’re not. I flew from London to Dubia. It was a long flight but the best one ever.