How Do You Fit Travel Around Work and Home Life?

Travel has been right at the back of my mind recently. I’ve been busy at work and preoccupied with colourful cushions and finding the best remedies for cleaning mold off walls. Seriously, this is what I’m turning into. This time last year, I was backpacking around Canada having the time of my life. Things are great right now, but my travel plans are pretty much non-existent and this depresses me. I’m struggling to figure out the best way of fitting travel around my full-time job and home life.

While the focus of 2012 was very much around travel, this year has been more about settling back in at home. When I returned from Canada in October, there were a few soul-destroying months of unemployment and terrifying uncertainty. Then all of my energy these past six months has been focused on getting to grips with a new job. In recent weeks, I moved into a new flat with my boyfriend and the domestic to-do list is never ending.

how to fit travel around work

Fitting travel around full-time working life is challenging, though certainly not impossible. The average amount of holiday allowance is 25 days or so per year. Then there are those lovely Bank Holiday weekends to take full advantage of. I enjoyed a birthday weekend in York this last May Bank Holiday weekend and had a great time. But I want to travel more. I want to ALWAYS have something else coming up on the travel front. I want to get organised and sort out my travel itinerary for this summer properly; not just theoretically!

On a positive not, I’ve enjoyed getting to know Liverpool again. This may be my home city where I grew up, but before my Canada travels I lived and worked in Lincolnshire for five years as a newspaper reporter and a lot has changed in Liverpool since I left in 2007.  The city was named European Capital of Culture 2008, resulting in massive investment and redevelopment which can be seen today in the likes of the Liverpool One shopping area and rejuvenated Chevasse Park. Countless bars and restaurants have popped up and there’s a general exciting cosmopolitan buzz. 

Liverpool is known for many things, but I doubt that anything is more synonymous with this city than The Beatles. There’s a cool Beatles-inspired Eleanor Rigby statue in Stanley Street featuring a plaque with the band’s lyrics on it that I really love!  Despite it being right in the hustle and bustle of the city centre, this is always a nice peaceful spot. It’s just around the corner from Mathew St where the famous Cavern Club is located. 

eleanor rigby statue liverpool

On another exciting note, I’ve discovered the Friends-inspired Central Perk coffee house! This place has great coffee, cakes and even serves American-style waffles. Plus, there are screens with episodes of Friends playing and comfortable couches. 

central  perk liverpool

I’m going to start working on my summer travel plans and should have some exciting trips to announce soon. Stay tuned.


How do you fit travel around working life? How do you find the right balance between work, home and travel?




  1. July 1, 2013 / 02:23

    Nice flat! :)
    I loved that you found your “Central Perk”. Wish there was one over here. Oh well, one more reason to visit Liverpool ;)
    Fernando Quintero recently posted..Flash Review: World War Z [2013]My Profile

    • July 9, 2013 / 21:49

      Ha ha thank you, glad you like the cafe! Didn’t have a clue it was there until somebody mentioned it.

  2. July 1, 2013 / 03:08

    I think it’s awesome that you’ve spent your time getting to know the city and that’s exactly what I have been doing as well. Working in an industry that involves late nights and deadlines can be tough but I try to make the weekends interesting by going on road trips around the state or the next. Oh and I also try to plan my trips around Public Holidays because I only get 18 leaves a year :)
    Fie recently posted..The Heli Lounge @ KH Tower Kuala LumpurMy Profile

    • July 9, 2013 / 21:48

      I feel bad for moaning when you guys in the US have less holidays! It’s cool you seem to fit in lots of exploring at the weekends, though and road trips are always lots of fun.

  3. July 3, 2013 / 19:19

    25 days is pretty good. About what I had working full time in Germany, though now I am a freelancer and can get months off at a time when the contracts are going well. This is all way better than the US allowance of 2-3 weeks, especially given the Jetlag and plane costs for leaving the country.

    The down side is that I am getting more and more into trveling slower, meaning more than a week in a place. Makes quick weekends more difficult, though maybe we just need a different attitude about them.
    Andrew recently posted..Exploring Sour Beer at Cantillon Brewery in BrusselsMy Profile

    • July 9, 2013 / 21:46

      US holiday allowance is awful! I like weekends away, but if had the option slow travel is always more rewarding. They can be more stressful than relaxing, but also fun and chaotic.

  4. July 4, 2013 / 11:56

    It can be tough combining the two – even though I freelance, this time of year is my busiest and I work longer hours than I used to full-time! I did a lot of travelling early this year but the travel plans for summer are a bit sparse. Though my problem is more money than holiday allowance as I have a wedding to pay for in September so the travel funds are looking pretty low. Still do a bit of future holiday research though and am doing a similar local exploration around Oxford and the Cotswolds to get my travel fix!
    Lucy recently posted..In pictures: Following Thelma and Louise to Dead Horse Point State ParkMy Profile

    • July 9, 2013 / 21:42

      Aww, congratulations on your up-and-coming wedding! It’s difficult finding time and money for travel when there are other priorities in life, but local travel is definitely a good call and I bet there’s loads to write about in your neck of the woods as well. If you wanted to add Liverpool to your itinerary, I’d be happy to show you around!

  5. Easy! Build a brand and travel the world while using your blog as the income platform :)

    I still freelance a bit in my downtime, but the blog pretty much pays for my life of travel. It did take a couple of years to build up, but as long as you spend the time to do it….forget the whole “work to pay for my travel”, and instead use your travel to fund your life =P

    • July 9, 2013 / 21:39

      Ah, like the idea of this and I know it can be done. I’d be interested to know how you fund your travels completely from your blog? Is it through advertising solely or do you do public speaking on the side. Or do you mean you fund your travels through getting sponsored stays etc as you move around? I’ve made a bit of money from this blog, but decided to stop advertising completely as didn’t seem worth it for the reduction in traffic it seemed to result in. This blog is more a creative avenue for me now rather than a way of making a living. Although it’s certainly a useful platform for freelance opportunities!

  6. July 10, 2013 / 19:41

    Traveling while having a full-time job can definitely be taxing. I used to work for a major airline back in the states and even with those lovely benefits my yearly travels went from 4-5 trips abroad – when I started their 5 years ago – to 1 or 2 if I was lucky – the last few years. Those shackles can be quite heavy. Though I’ve cast them off for a life of full-time slow travel, currently in Cancun, MX. at the moment (the city itself not the hotel district). I could not be more pleased with my decision.

    You should chuck your job and go the digital nomad route! ;)

    Life’s too short to be tied down working for others.
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  7. July 14, 2013 / 17:04

    I loveee Central Perk! I know how hard it can be to fit travel around a full time job, I just try to make the most of the bnk holidays as you said, and take trips around the UK if I can’t get abroad x
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