Manchester Christmas Market: Mulled Wine And Gluttony

Christmas markets are a sure way of getting that festive feeling. While many can be too crowded and filled with lots of cheap tack, there are usually hand-made items produced by local artists available as well.

The main reason I enjoy visiting Christmas markets so much though is to sample the delicious food and drink on offer.

Now that I’m back home in Liverpool, I’ve managed to make it to Manchester Christmas Market twice and both times I devoured a feast of treats.

Mulled Wine

Ohhhh mulled wine, how I love thee. I’m not a big drinker, but I do enjoy mulled wine… a lot. When the weather is freezing cold, numbing my face and fingertips, the warmth of a cup of mulled wine acts as an extremely tasty defroster.

mulled wine at manchester christmas market 2012

drinking mulled wine at manchester christmas market


A curried German sausage in a roll, toppled with mustard and tomato ketchup. Christmas markets are nothing without a bratwurst or two. It was the Germans after all who invented the Christmas market back in the Middle Ages.

bratwursts at manchester christmas market

Bacon and potatoes

I’d never tried bacon and potatoes at a Christmas Market before, but oh boy was this traditional German food delicious. I could’ve easily eaten several portions.

bacon and potatoes at manchester christmas market

I was also tempted by the smell of a hog roast and gobbled down a pork and stuffing roll, following by a waffle with strawberries. When I start my new job in January, I’m definitely going to have to join a gym! Here are some more festive images from Manchester Christmas market:

cheese at manchester christmas market

christmas tree in manchester christmas market

mini white christmas trees in manchester

reindeer decorations manchester christmas market

christmas trees manchester christmas market

giant santa at manchester christmas market

manchester christmas market

Last year I went to Lincoln Christmas Market, which takes place over one weekend at the beginning of December and is set in the grounds of Lincoln Castle.

What is your favourite food/drink to have at Christmas markets?



    • December 18, 2012 / 13:19

      It’s a nice Christmassy thing to do and always good going on an empty stomach!