Montreal: Things To Do

Montreal is a beautiful city in the French Canadian province of Quebec. I enjoyed my time here immensely and spent several hours a day, for two weeks, walking around its picturesque, colourful streets.

Despite having a tight budget, as I was getting to the end of my Canada travels, I was never bored and found myself being constantly transfixed by the stunning scenery.

If you will be visiting at some point, or are just curious, here is a break down of some of the best things to do in Montreal:

Relax in Parc La Fontaine

The prettiest park in Montreal is Parc La Fontaine. I was here at the beginning of Autumn and the leaves were starting to fall, but it was still warm and sunny.

This park is the perfect place to have a picnic, take a walk or just sit on a bench and people watch. 

Make sure to keep an eye out for the mischievous resident squirrels and return to see the park’s fountain illuminated during the evening.

Search for street art

You will not have to look hard to find street art in Montreal. It is everywhere. Far from being messy, sporadic graffiti, the images adorning numerous walls across the city are of a ridiculously high quality.

The street art adds a vibrant edge to the place. Not to mention it is always fun keeping an eye out to see where the next piece will be.

Sample the local cuisine

Montreal’s most famous local food has to be poutine. This consists of chips, gravy and cheese curds and is basically French Canadian fast food. 

In the space of two weeks I tried poutine three times. I know, piggy right? But it’s mega tasty, especially accompanied by mushrooms and onions.

Montreal is also famous for smoked meat, patisseries and bagels.

I would recommend checking out the delicious offerings at the famous St-Viateur Bagel. 

Enjoy the views from Mont Royal

If it is elevated views over Montreal that you are after then take the 45-minute or so hike up to Mont Royal (or Mount Royal in English). 

There is no cafe at the top so I would bring along some lunch or snacks.

Visit Notre Dame

Montreal has its very own Notre Dame.

The Notre Dame Basilica might not be a designated cathedral, like the famous Parisian one, but it’s still easy on the eye and well worth a gander.

A random fact: Celine Dion was married here. 

Get to a Montreal market

For fresh produce, and lots of free fruit samples, head to one of the popular food markets in Montreal.

I chose to visit the Jean-Talon Market and spent a good couple of hours admiring the rainbow of fruit and vegetables that were tantalisingly lined up to tempt the passers by. 

This market is located in the Italian neighbourhood and can be accessed via the Montreal subway system or, if you prefer to get around on foot like me, an hour and a half walk. 

Head to the Old Town

Walk down to Montreal’s Old Town to enjoy some gorgeous architecture.

Take a walk along the Rue Des Artistes –  a small street featuring local artists selling their work – and check out the historic port area.


Have you ever visited Montreal? What attractions would you recommend?


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  1. August 28, 2014 / 19:43

    Just getting some tips before my trip next month and looks fab! Hope we get some good weather as those views from Mont Royal and the parks look great – otherwise I’ll just have to stay inside and eat poutine!
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