Search Engine Traffic: Worm Is My Top Keyword

What keyword do you reckon brings the most search engine traffic to this site? You would think, considering it is a travel blog, that the word in question would be something to do with travel.

I would love to be able to say that the top ranking keyword is connected to my recent solo travels in Canada.

However, it has absolutely nothing to do with the overall content of this blog. In fact, it has only been mentioned once in a really early post; a post that, looking back on, I don’t even like.

The word is worm.

Yes, as in those creatures that wriggle around in the soil.

Credit: SowandSo (via Flickr)

Why on earth did I mention worm on a travel blog?

Well, back in the days when I started this blog, I thought it would be interesting to write a post about quirky outdoor activities.

I talked about bog snorkeling, extreme ironing, tin bath racing and… worm charming.

What is worm charming?

I first heard about worm charming during my time working as a newspaper reporter in rural England. 

Believe me, it all happens in the countryside.

There was an annual Worm Charming Championships in a village called Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire, that I used to write stories about.

It basically involved people trying to lure worms to the surface using various methods, such as stamping on the ground and playing musical instruments.

So, after a year of writing about travel, worm is the word that is attracting the most search engine traffic.

In an effort to charm Google’s crawlers, I am tempted to stop writing about travel altogether and just churn out copy on worms.

Now, wouldn’t that be interesting?




    • October 23, 2012 / 14:18

      Cheers Fernando!

  1. October 22, 2012 / 22:31

    How bizarre! I get a few weird ones bringing people into my site. But by far the most popular is a post about the Goodwood Revival vintage event which pulls in loads of Google searches about stockings – they get a brief mention but I can’t help thinking how disappointed most of the visitors pulled in by that will be when they get a travel blog!
    Lucy Dodsworth recently posted..Weekending: Honfleur in NormandyMy Profile

    • October 23, 2012 / 14:17

      Ha ha, stockings! That’s slightly more sophisticated than worm ;-)

  2. October 23, 2012 / 09:41

    It’s quite funny that the word “worm” would bring traffic to your site. The search engines work in strange ways and you never know how it works with constant algorithms changing most of the time. Anything that you add in a post can work, be it keyword, images or videos.
    Shalu Sharma recently posted..Bhang, India’s holy marijuanaMy Profile

    • October 23, 2012 / 14:21

      The search engines definitely work in strange ways. Although, I’m happy to get any traffic! I hope more of my travel articles will be indexed as time goes on.

  3. November 3, 2012 / 16:57

    Worm is pretty crazy. I get thankfully a lot of Germany related ones. Though Ali (my wife) gets tons of searches for “peeing statues”.
    Andrew recently posted..Carcassonne at NightMy Profile

    • November 7, 2012 / 16:45

      Ha ha, that’s hysterical! Ah well, whatever works as they say.