My Vancouver Bikini Wax

“Would you like it all off,” the Asian lady behind the counter said loudly, as a line of bemused women getting their hair done turned around and looked my way.

“Erm…no, just the normal wax please,” I said, absolutely mortified that I had an audience in this tiny salon in Vancouver.

I was getting my first ever bikini wax.

I wanted to hit the beach with confidence.

After years of disastrous DIY attempts, which you really, REALLY, do not want me to go into, I decided it was time to stop being a pussy and get it done professionally.

I had just purchased a lovely new bikini and did not want to have to worry about the risk of any fuzz hanging out, which is definitely not a good look.

Fast forward half and hour and I was lying on a salon bed, legs wide open, with a chirpy beauty therapist reassuring me not to be worried as she proceeded to rip out huge clumps of my pubic hair with speed and precision.

It hurt…but not too much.

There were no dramatic screams and it was all over within minutes.

How did I feel post-wax?

Thankfully, I did not feel like a porn star. I was happy with the results and was glad to have broken my bikini wax virginity.

Will I be going for a Brazilian next time or getting vajazzled? Definitely not!

Will I ever attempt a DIY bikini wax again? No, I have well and truly learnt my lesson on this one.

Maybe in the future, if I am heading to the beach and cannot be bothered booking in a wax, I should just throw on one of these…

Credit: fotobugil1

How do you feel about bikini waxes? Do you see this as essential maintenance or just something to take care of before a holiday?