Annoying People in Hostels: The Inconsiderates

Without hostels, many people wouldn’t be able to afford long-term travel. But, despite my appreciation for them overall, there are quite a few aspects I don’t enjoy.

Inconsiderate people has to be one of them.

I always try to be tolerant, appreciating that in shared accommodation there’s going to be noise and people will be on different sleeping schedules. Saying this, basic consideration for others seems to go right out of the window with some people, which can eventually get on my nerves. 

A big emphasis on the ‘some’ as many people I’ve met in hostels are great.


 Here are some of the annoying types of people I’ve met in hostels (luckily, they were the minority!):


The rustler…

They always seem to be digging around for something in their luggage, rustling plastic bags, dropping things on the floor, and making general noise either late at night or early in the morning.

There’s no tiptoeing around with this type, in consideration for the people who are trying to sleep in the same quarters, they really just have to make as much racket as they can at the worst possible time.

It’s fair enough when people have just arrived and need to sort their things out, but for the others I never understand why they don’t get the stuff they need organised earlier on, to save them from digging for goodness knows what in the dark.


The vomiter…

“Oh that’s gross…I’m so sorry,” was what I woke up to. As my senses came around, I then noticed the awful stench in the air and realised it was vomit. The girl staying in a bed opposite me had been sick all over the place and a member of the hostel staff was looking over her as she frantically scrubbed and sprayed in an effort to clean up the mess.

Usually I would’ve felt sorry for this person, gone to get them a glass of water and ensured they were sleeping on their side.

But, before I could even consider a reaction, she’d made a jump to the bin right at the end of my bed to spew up her guts for a second time. Now there was not only the awful smell to contend with, there was also a monstrous visual right before my eyes.

Slumping back into her bed, the rest of us in the room had a sleepless night trying to hold our noses. There was one person I felt sorry for: a pregnant girl who had to leave the room to be sick herself, having an extra sensitive sense of smell.

What annoyed me was the fact there was a toilet literally next door to our room, which she should’ve stuck her head over and maybe even slept next to, saving us all having to witness her drunken episode.

She seemed cohesive enough to have been able to move herself to the bathroom. To make it worse, the following day she didn’t apologise and simply ignored us all. Not cool. 

The dazzler…

It’s late at night and most people in the dormitories are sound asleep in a comforting blanket of darkness. Then, all of a sudden, it’s like full beam as all of the lights are switched on.

This never fails to wake me up from my slumber and it really, really irritates me. If I arrive back late, I take care to be quiet and would never even dream of turning on the lights.

Others don’t seem to care though.


The screamers…

The thing about staying in youth hostels is that sometimes there are a lot of youths around. At one hostel, I awoke at around 3am to a load of hyperactive screaming, laughing and thumping.

Dozens of youngsters, possibly on a school trip, had descended on our corridor, slamming doors, shouting their friends and probably waking up everybody on the floor.

The worst thing was that the adults with them seemed totally useless at controlling them and, despite the noise continuing for a good hour, there was no effort by anybody to shut them up.


I’d love to hear your experiences with inconsiderate people in hostels. What kind of behaviour annoys you?




  1. July 4, 2012 / 23:56

    I have come across most of these, except the vomiter, thank goodness. What a horrible experience for you. I generally survive in hostel with earplugs, an eye mask and a torch, sorry flashlight. Throwing a filthy look at an inconsiderate person has worked for me in the past.
    Michelle Blake recently posted..By Request: My WWOOFing experiences in the UKMy Profile

    • July 5, 2012 / 00:21

      The vomiter was the worst! I don’t like wearing earplugs unfortunately, but keep on meaning to get an eye mask. I already have a torch, but haven’t needed to use it yet. I just scramble about in the dark ha ha.
      Alison recently posted..Travel In The Age Of Digital PhotographyMy Profile