Exploring Steveston Village, Vancouver, And Meeting A Blogging Friend

It was a perfect weather day when I visited Steveston Village in the Richmond area of Vancouver.  I was here to meet my blogging friend Darlene Foster for the first time, after a few months of corresponding online.

But I decided to arrive a few hours early in order to have a good look around.

What I discovered during my walk besides the harbour on this particularly bright and sunny Saturday morning was a lovely picture.

Looking inland, the area was bustling with activity and the surrounding sounds were of lively chatter and boisterous children.

Lines of yachts and fishing boats reflected beautifully in the water and friends and families filled the harbour-side eateries, digging into a variety of fresh seafood delights that would have most likely been plucked from the fish market mere metres away.

Wandering amongst this market was fascinating.

Fishing boats were anchored down on each side of the jetty with hoards of people there to see what Pacific treasures were on offer.

Sea urchins, octopus and, of course, the famously delicious Sockeye salmon were amongst the fishy fares.

Sockeye is known for its particularly delicious taste and good quality. It is fished at the most northerly point of Canada, in seas close to the Alaskan border.

Since arriving in Canada, I have eaten an abundance of salmon; my omega 3 levels must be sky high.

On one boat, a pile of prawns stared out with an attractive pinkish orange colour that seemed to be inviting plenty of attention from the crowds.

A Chinese man, clearly a serious buyer, looked like a kid in a sweet shop as he purchased a bag of sea urchins.

I was fascinated by these spiky creatures that seemed to be extremely popular.

Even the dogs were impressed…

Afterwards, I tucked into a tasty salmon burger and then went to meet Darlene for coffee.

This was my first time meeting up with somebody I had met in the online community and I am so glad that I did.

Darlene is a children’s author and writes a series following her protagonist Amanda, a 12-year-old Canadian girl who has amazing adventures in various locations around the world such as Spain and the United Arab Emirates.

She also runs a blog, featuring positive and inspirational blogs, which is well worth a read.

We spent two hours chatting and it was great to learn more about her interesting life.

Darlene grew up on a farm in the Canadian Prairies and spoke fondly of her father who she described as a real cowboy.

She also told me about her travels, which included motorbiking around the UK with her Yorkshire husband.

This was a good example of somebody who was in real life as they seemed online – charming, warm and friendly.

To get to Steveston Village, I took the Skytrain from Yaletown Roundhouse to Richmond Brighouse followed by a bus straight outside the station.

Have you ever visited Steveston Village in the Richmond area of Vancouver?





  1. June 24, 2012 / 02:25

    Some fabulous photos of Steveston! Thanks for meeting up with me and for those very kind words. I can’t belive we had such a nice sunny day that day. Will those days ever return? It was wonderful meeting you as well.

  2. June 24, 2012 / 15:43

    Beautiful photos. Despite the rain you seem to be having a fabulous time.

    • June 25, 2012 / 16:56

      I’ve been lucky to have had much more sun than rain overall, but I think it’s time to invest in some decent waterproof shoes as my trainers are wrecked from being saturated working on the farm on the few days that it was raining. Had to throw them away :-(
      Alison recently posted..Exploring Steveston Village, Vancouver, And Meeting A Blogging FriendMy Profile

  3. June 26, 2012 / 07:09

    I’ve been around in the Internet for many years and have had opportunity to meet many people in the world that I first met there, including my wife. On average people are what they seem online. This is certainly an average and there are creeps out there, but the more you see stuff that people put out into the web, the better picture you get of them. Glad you got a chance to meet a new friend in a different medium.
    Andrew recently posted..Belvedere Palace – Behind the PostcardMy Profile

    • June 27, 2012 / 17:50

      I think usually your instincts work quite well with people online, but I would always want to meet in a very public places and not give too much away as you never know. But there are lots of lovely stories you hear about, like yours, that make it seem more than worth it to take that chance and open up to the possibilities of meeting people online; something I would have been solidly resistant to a year ago.