Drugged Up En Route To Seattle

Never mind sleepless in Seattle, I was sleepy in Seattle. After dosing myself up with a sea sickness pill prior to the three-hour ferry from Victoria, I literally conked out for the majority of the journey.

I had only taken half of the recommended amount.

Still, I awoke extremely drowsy and found myself unable to walk in a straight line.

When I tried to order some food, I could not even articulate a sentence and had to embarrassingly explain to the staff that I was ‘drugged up’.

I vowed to myself to never go for the option of taking strong pills again and instead go for a natural remedy such as ginger.

Funnily enough, the Victoria Clipper that I travelled on was a catamaran which glided gracefully through the water.

It was an extremely calm day and there was no wind whatsoever.

In retrospect, I probably did not need to take a sea sickness pill.

The Seattle skyline seen from the Victoria Clipper

But you never know when sea sickness will strike.

I did not want a repeat performance of my time on a boat trip out on the Great Barrier Reef.

It was a weird experience. I have taken strong sea sickness pills before, that were not non-drowsy, and never felt so tired.

They did not have the brand I usually choose in the chemist in Victoria, so I went with a new type.

I felt completely fine by the time the boat docked in Seattle.

On the return journey, I decided not to take anything.

And guess what? In typical fashion the sea was really choppy.

There was a screaming baby next to me the whole way and quite a few people struggling with sea sickness.

The boat staff began handing out ginger sweets and this seemed to help.

I stayed still, breathed deeply and kept on eating these sweets.

I was surprised my stomach did not start churning as the boat began moving up and down.

Sea sickness can be so unpredictable.

You never really know when, or even if, it is going to hit you

How do you cope with sea sickness? Do you prefer natural remedies?


  1. June 16, 2012 / 16:13

    Your trip is bringing back lovely memories. I have taken the same journey. Your pictures are beautiful.
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