Travel Exhaustion: Why I Need To Rest

Travel can be tiring. There are moments, especially as a solo traveller, where you just want to stay still for a while. I feel like this at the moment.

I am absolutely exhausted.

My energy levels have dwindled.

In all honesty, all I want to do right now is be a hermit..

After spending most days for the past month walking around constantly, and recently over-indulging on huge, American-size food portions in Seattle, my body is run down.

One of the massive pastries I enjoyed from Piroshky Piroshky in Seattle

Do not get me wrong, those delicious Russian pastries and huge slices of cheesecake were so worth it, as were the many miles of walking up and down the hilly streets of Seattle to burn it all off.

But, everything takes its toll eventually.

So I decided to have a mini break from shared dormitories and stay in a private room in Victoria for a few nights.

I figured this would allow me to refuel before getting the bus up the coast to Qualicum Beach next week, where I will be working on a farm for a few weeks.

Believe me, I will need a lot of energy for this.

Relaxing in Victoria

I already saw everything I wanted to see during my last trip to Victoria, so I plan on taking it easy.

Still, although all of the alarm bells are ringing telling me I need to rest and relax fror a while, I feel like I should be making the most of every single piece of time.

I feel guilty that my current plans for the day are to download a flick from iTunes – most likely a cheesy, feel-good film – and gorge on chocolate and crisps (sorry, erm, potato chips).

This is what I would usually do at home to unwind…why do I feel so guilty doing this here?

As a solo traveller who runs a travel blog, I feel pressure to constantly be doing interesting activities.

I have already fitted in so much during my first four weeks and have a massive back-log of articles to get through.

In fact, because there will not be much access to WiFi on the farm, I need to schedule three-weeks of posts.

This is another reason why I thought getting a private room was a good idea…to get some work done.

I need to get some work done

It feels great having some privacy, having a big bed to myself and being able to completely let my guard down.

When I feel low, I also miss my boyfriend much more.

And, because of the time difference, he is not always around to chat to.

I feel guilty for feeling a bit down. I should be out there enjoying myself, seeing the sights (even if it is the same sights I have already seen).

But this is literally the first day where I have had no plans, so should I be feeling so guilty for needing to rest?

Do you feel the need to keep busy all of the time on your travels or do you take time to rest if needed?





  1. June 9, 2012 / 00:40

    Traveling can be exhausting. You are out of your comfort zone and do not have a place you can truly relax. When you are at home it is much easier to relax because you don’t feel the need to always be doing something.

    The longest trip that I ever took was for 5 weeks and I was worn out when I got home. I dream of being able to take a year off and travel around the world but wonder if I could do it. I think the key to long term travel is to slow it down so that you are not running around all day trying to do everything.
    Jeff B @ GoTravelzing recently posted..Three Days in Belfast IrelandMy Profile

    • June 10, 2012 / 23:14

      Hey Jeff, I think slow travel is the key. I always hear people who have had loads of experience with longterm travel say they enjoy this type of travel the most. For the summer, I’m going to moving around like crazy but I hope to have a couple of months at some point, maybe in the Rockies, where I can work and put down roots for a little bit. It helps you really get under the skin of a place as well I think when you are actually living somewhere. Cheers for taking the time to comment.

  2. June 9, 2012 / 01:18

    I also feel the need to keep busy all the time when I travel, but I usually only have 2 weeks to cram everything in. I am beginning to think one does need some downtime and have worked it into my plan for the next holiday.. You were wise to check into a hotel and not plan anything for a couple of days. You need to recharge for the farm work too. (Don’t feel guilty!) Hugs, Darlene

    • June 10, 2012 / 23:10

      It’s funny that people go on holiday to ‘chill out’ and end up being shattered by the end of it ha ha. I think it’s easy to do too much and not find the necessary time to relax. Even if it just means sitting in a coffee shop for a couple of hours, to break up the walking around all day. I’m glad I listened to my body and stopped for a while. Feeling so much better as a result :-)

  3. June 9, 2012 / 23:21

    It’s easy to get burnt out if you’re traveling long-term and trying to cram everything in at the pace you would do if you were on holiday, so definitely don’t feel bad about having a few lazy rest days and doing nothing every now and then. If you keep pushing yourself then seeing all those amazing places starts to feel like a chore and loses it’s magic. I’m all for a bit of lazing – and not having to bother being social – sometimes, enjoy it!
    Lucy Dodsworth recently posted..In pictures: Parisian cafésMy Profile

    • June 10, 2012 / 23:05

      I think that’s where I was going wrong, trying to fit too much in and not finding enough time to chill out. I’ve enjoyed the lone time and feel I have enough energy for three weeks of farm work now. As for the social thing, I have found it nice, but draining, constantly meeting new people, so it was good to be able to be a little bit of a hermit. It’s good to find a balance of being sociable and having time for yourself.

  4. June 19, 2012 / 19:48

    Don’t feel guilty about needing to rest. It’s all too easy to get caught up in the feeling that you have to be doing something all the time. You want to make the most of the whole experience, but you also need a few days to be still and reflect on what you have done and where you have been. If you just keep going, after a while everything starts looking the same and you may end up not enjoying yourself. I am a solo, long-term traveller. I like slow travel. Sure i can get through a new place in a day or two, but i want to experience the place and meet the locals not just see the sights. I’m enjoying reading your blog. Keep up the good work and i hope you enjoy your time on the farm. :)
    Michelle Blake recently posted..A bit of reflectionMy Profile