Whale Art In Vancouver And Victoria

I saw so many whales in Victoria and Vancouver. Not real, living whales. Well, at least not yet. I am talking about pieces of art.

The Pacific Ocean off the coast of Western Canada is home to many different types of whales, but it is the beloved orcas (killer whales) that you can see depicted in many ways around both of these cities.

Therefore, I have decided that the second installment of my Art In Vancouver And Victoria series should be on the subject of whale art.

Here are photographs of some of the whales I have encountered…

This gorgeous wall painting is located near the waterfront in Victoria, right at the end of Yates Street.

I did not notice it until my last day when I was literally walking past it with my luggage. For some reason, even though I had been along here many times, I did not spot it.

I think this can happen with street art sometimes, where you only see it if you are actually keeping an eye out.

I liked the mosaic design of this whale sculpture.

And another one can be found outside the Tourism Victoria building.

There is even a whale hedgerow in Victoria.

I referred to this as the lego whale. It can be found in the Coal Harbour area of Vancouver, next to the Conference Centre on the waterfront. It has also been dubbed the digital orca.

Finally, this wooden whale carving is situated in Steveston Village in Richmond, Vancouver.

Hopefully I will get to see some real orcas soon…

The first chapter of the Art In Vancouver And Victoria series was on street art.

What do you think of this whale art?