Watch Out For Cyclists And Skaters In Vancouver

If you take a walk along the Seawall in Vancouver, you need to keep an eye out for cyclists, rollerbladers and skaters. That is unless you happen to be a cyclist, rollerblader or skater…then you need to watch out for pedestrians.

I saw the same situation many times. A group of tourists accidently wandering into the cycling lane, right in front of a hoard of cyclists, only to be nearly given a heart attack by a coordinated attack of bell ringing and angry words.

Still, this was better than another scenario of being rammed into by bikes that are often going in excess of 20-miles an hour.

There are signs everywhere, warning people to ‘watch out for bikes’, and the cycle and pedestrian paths that run alongside each other are well marked.

But with just a mere line separating the two lanes and and an abundance of new visitors that are not used to this, you bet there are plenty of near collisions.

I am not innocent. There have been a couple of times when I have been walking along, happily looking at the gorgeous scenery, in a world of my own.

Then I would begin to walk in the strange zigzag formation I do when I see something, such as maybe the sign for the totem poles in Stanley Park, and begin to walk in that direction, forgetting for a few seconds about the warning signs.

My wits are quickly returned after hearing some bells ringing in the near distance.

I always apologize and then feel really stupid.

Believe me… it does not take long before becoming completely accustomed to the seamless divide between the worlds of wheels and walkers.

Have you ever visited the Seawall in Vancouver and had any issues getting used to cycle/pedestrian paths?


  1. May 24, 2012 / 18:33

    You are obviously having some memorable experiences.
    Sheila recently posted..WhyMy Profile

    • May 25, 2012 / 01:04

      Hi Sheila. Ha ha, nearly getting hit by a bike is definitely memorable :-) I love walking along the Seawall though – it’s just gorgeous.

  2. May 25, 2012 / 03:44

    So happy you and Sheila have connected. Sheila is also well travelled and is the friend I will be going on the Danube River cruise with in the fall.