Granville Island: Food, Art And Quirky Shops

Brightly coloured warehouse buildings and quirky shops line the streets of Granville Island in Vancouver. As soon as you cross the Burrard Bridge over from Downtown and walk under the red neon entry sign, you realise this is no ordinary neighbourhood.

Located on a peninsula, Granville Island, formerly a centre for industrial manufacturing, is today known as a haven for art and culture. Here is how it fits this description…


Probably the most popular activity to indulge in whilst in this neck of the woods is a walk around the famous indoor Granville Island Public Market.

Upon entering, I was immediately overpowered by the sumptuous smells of a variety of culinary concoctions being cooked up.

Then I looked around and my subtle hunger pangs suddenly stepped up a notch.

Piles of perfect cherries were temptingly laid out on one stall…

Plump pasties and delicious cakes seductively stared up at me from behind glass counters…

Dishes from across the world were displayed for the passing traffic, with people evidently eager for a bite. Everything from Thai and Mexican to Italian and German cuisines were available.

Fresh seafood, cheeses, herbs and spices were also amongst the fares.

This banjo player was keeping the market-goers entertained…


What film would you use to describe your last shit? This is not some random, inappropriate question.

This was a feature in a piece on display at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design’s Degree Exhibition 2012.

The artist, a graphic designer called Olivia Harrison, had me in stitches with this…

A variety of artisans – from painters to potters – can be found housed in converted warehouse buildings in the Railspur District.

There are also many galleries specialising in First Nations art.

Even the bins have an artistic edge…

In typical fashion, I got lost on my way home and wandered off course slightly. But this meant I stumbled across some amazing street art under the Granville Bridge – not far from the Granville Island entrance…

Quirky shops

The first quirky shop I noticed upon arriving at Granville Island was the hammock shop. Yes, you read it right, a whole shop dedicated to hammocks. There were lots of different types, but how lovely is this one hanging in front of the window?

I have never slept in a hammock. To be honest, if I tried, it would probably topple right over – similar to what happens when I try to lie on a water lilo.

Then came the Granville Island Psychic Studio, claiming to be “home to Vancouver’s best psychics”…

A shop I really liked was called Make. This is an embroidery store with a difference. It sells funky items such as bags made using car seatbelts and beer bottle top brooches.

But the quirkiest of the lot has to be Dragonspace – a shop pretty much dedicated to dragons and other elements of the fantasy genre.

They were very strict on not allowing food inside the shop…

Do you like the look of Granville Island? Have you ever been here?


  1. May 21, 2012 / 19:09

    What fabulous photos of Granville Island! (now everyone will want to visit, and should!)

    • May 25, 2012 / 01:08

      Aww thank you Darlene, I seriously loved visiting this place – there was so much to see here!

    • May 31, 2012 / 17:39

      Staring at those cakes was definitely one of those moments I wished tasty treats had no calories and were really, really good for you, so that it was okay to have ten, ha ha. Mind you, you could always go with the excuse that ‘they have fruit’ so they are ‘healthy cakes’. I’ve used this one plenty of times :-)
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    • July 4, 2012 / 16:20

      Cheers Victoria, you need to download the WP Greet Box plugin, which places a different message at the top depending on which website people find your site from. Sometimes there will be a message asking people to sign up to RSS feed etc. Good luck and thanks for reading :-)