The Dreaded Airport Goodbye And My Flight To Canada

The days leading up to my flight to Vancouver were so hectic with sorting things out that the realisation I was going away for six months did not really hit me until I was at the airport sobbingly saying goodbye to the love of my life.

Arriving at terminal five on the shuttle bus from a nearby hotel was surreal. People were whizzing around with luggage trolleys in all directions, flight calls rang out from the intercom constantly and immaculately dressed airport staff were getting moaned at by a disgruntled customer who wanted to change his seat number.

While all of this was going on, my heart was fluttering with nerves and my stomach was in knots. I did not want to leave my lovely boyfriend and was having the last minute doubts.

When they said there were still tickets left on the plane, I even suggested Andy come with me. The thought of leaving him for two months (he’s coming to visit in July for two weeks) and even more time after that made me feel panicky.

He is not just my boyfriend, he is also my best friend. We have a laugh, have similar interests (a part from watching football, ha ha) and we look after each other.

He even helped me adjust my backpack. I may be smiling in this picture, but this was one heavy and uncomfortable bag and I was thinking a wheeled suitcase might have been a better idea.

After my emotional episode in the middle of the airport, the nine hour plane journey was actually quite pleasant. The music offerings helped smooth the hours away and the ‘well being’ choices aided me in having a few power naps.

There were spectacular views over Greenland en route to Canada…

As we drew closer to the final destination (ah, not a film you want to be thinking about when flying), I was hoping to catch a glimpse of the magnificent Canadian Rockies.

Unfortunately they were completely clouded over. But as the plane approached Vancouver, the fluffy white sheet dispersed revealing an alpine paradise with snow capped mountains and lush forest.

Wow, I thought.

This was the Canada I had been counting on. Before I knew it, the plane had landed and I was traipsing across the city centre in search of my hostel, after conveniently catching a SkyTrain direct from the airport.

Instead of the calm and collected version of myself I was hoping would arrive at the hostel, there was a sweaty, exhausted mess.

After checking in, I found my room and met one of my room mates – a student from Toronto who was friendly and chatty.

She was also quite a bit younger than me, as were the other two room mates, a couple of German girls (also students). I felt a bit old to be honest and this added to my insecurities, but I quickly snapped out of this when I realised there was plenty to talk about and just because I was six or seven years older, this was not an issue.

At breakfast the next day, I realised there was a mixture of ages – with some elderly and middle-aged people as well.

Despite some mixed emotions and home sickness, I am happy to finally be here and intend on making the most of my time in this beautiful country…





  1. May 11, 2012 / 05:10

    WELCOME TO CANADA !!! If you need anything or a just a friendly voice call me 604-328-1598

  2. May 12, 2012 / 08:22

    Wow! You’ve finally made it Alison! :)

    • May 15, 2012 / 17:00

      Cheers Abhi, good luck on your travels this year as well – hope you make it to Lincoln :-)