Could It Be Remnants From Ancient Rome Or Greece? No, This Is Scotland

Scotland’s capital city Edinburgh has numerous monuments and statues. One that has a lot of visual impact can be found atop Calton Hill and is modelled on an ancient temple in Greece.

There are several striking monuments located here, in proximity to each other, but The National Monument definitely stands out.

It was built in the 19th century as a memorial to the soldiers and sailors that lost their lives during the Napoleonic Wars.

Work began in 1826, amidst great celebration and positivity, but the funds ran out and it was left in an unfinished state a few years later.

The complete structure was supposed to have extensive catacombs incorporated into it, where prominent people could be buried.

The design was influenced by the Parthenon in Athens – an ancient temple dedicated to the Greek god Athena.

After so much anticipation and public attention surrounding the building of this monument, the fact that there was no money left to finish it was seen as a major embarassment for Edinburgh.

Instead of the prestige and icon of strength it was supposed to represent, it ended up receiving the derogatory nickname of ‘Scotland’s Disgrace‘.

Still, it looks pretty good to me. Here are some more pictures…

Have you ever visited Edinburgh? Do you like the look of this monument?








    • May 10, 2012 / 01:56

      Hey Andrea, I loved my time in Edinburgh and will probably return at some point :-)