The Medieval Bishop’s Palace in Lincoln, England

The historic English city of Lincoln has an abundance of medieval architecture. It was one of the country’s most important cities during this period of history and remnants of the era can still be seen today.

The most obvious sights are the impressive Lincoln Cathedral, which was featured in the Da Vinci Code film, and Lincoln Castle where the Magna Carta is based.

But hidden in the shadows of the cathedral are the mysterious ruins of the Medieval Bishop’s Palace, which was once considered to be the grandest and most important building in England

During the medieval period, this was the administrative centre of the Diocese of Lincoln, which stretched all of the way down to London.

Today it is open to the public and is well worth a visit.

Although the palace was originally built in the 12th century, the entrance building did not appear until much later.

This feature was created in the 15th century, when the site was updated by Bishop William Alnwick. It is therefore known as Alnwick’s Tower and is one of the most well preserved parts of the palace.

The stunning stone tower is without doubt the stand out feature. It is the first thing I noticed on my approach. From a distance, huge trees almost hide its facade, until you get close up and can appreciate the building’s intricate detail and striking presence.

The years have not been kind to other elements of the palace, which are clearly in ruins.

The grounds, which are meant to replicate a traditional medieval garden, are beautiful during the springtime.

There are gorgeous colourful flowers, like these tulips below, and it is a lovely location to just take a seat and relax for a while. Or maybe even have a picnic.

Adjacent to the palace is the medieval marvel that is Lincoln Cathedral.

Although the castle takes centre stage during the annual Lincoln Christmas Market, one of the biggest festive markets in Europe, the palace also plays a part.

While the majority of stalls fill the castle grounds, the palace is brimming with people for a traditional medieval market.

It is like being transported back to the medieval times, with traders dressed in traditional medieval outfits and medieval items being sold.

Do you like visiting places like this? Have you ever been to Lincoln?