My Travel Hair: Going For The Chop

I did something this morning that I hardly ever do. I stepped foot in a hairdressing salon – largely unknown territory for me.

I am one of those people who literally drags myself out of bed in the morning, gives my face a quick wash and my hair a little bit of a brush. Lately I have let my hair grow and grow, to the point that I was starting to look scruffy. Something needed to be done about it.

And because I felt like a drastic change was in order, after completing my last day of work before my travels, I decided to go for something completely different and have my hair styled short.

Getting a haircut can give you a boost and be the physical manifestation of a fresh start and the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Well, this was what I was thinking anyway.

But there was also practical reasoning behind me going for the chop.

I was thinking ahead to my forthcoming trip to Canada where I want to be as low maintenance as possible (ha ha, if it’s possible for me to get any more low maintenance than I already am!).

Long hair might look nicer, but it really gets on my nerves – especially on a windy day. Of course, you can always tie it back. However I wanted something that was neat and did not get in my way as much.

I am not comfortable visiting the hairdressers. Having to glare at myself for an hour or so through a huge mirror is not my idea of fun. It just makes me want to cry at how many frown lines I have.

When I went backpacking around Australia, I had my hair cut into an a-line bob beforehand. This time I wanted to go even shorter and say goodbye to hair dye as well.

Here are some of my reasons for wanting my hair short and undyed for my travels:

  • I like letting my hair dry naturally and my long, thick hair took too long to dry. I want to be able to jump in the shower and not have to stay up for an hour or two whilst my hair dries.
  • There is less weight to carry around.
  • It looks healthier short.
  • If you dye your hair, you have to get your roots done or spend a large part of the trip walking around with a stripey head.
  • My hair is ridiculously thick and I moult like a cat.  This issue is obviously reduced when my barnet is shorter.

I always consult the people closest to me when thinking about getting a new hairstyle.

My sister never fails to tell me exactly what she thinks and was skeptical about me going so short. She thought my hair looked a lot better long.

But I went ahead with it anyway and, when I sent her the picture, she responding by saying it was “chic”.

Thanks sis. I know you would have been the first person to tell me if I looked like a ‘man head’ (a term she likes to use!).

So now I have my travel hair sorted. That is one thing ticked off my long to-do list. I had better get cracking with the rest…there is less than two weeks to go until I head off to Vancouver!

Do you like to have your hair in a particular style when you are on your travels?




  1. April 27, 2012 / 06:12

    l Love the new do! Perfect for the trip and I agree with your sister, very chic. You will fit in well out here.

    • April 27, 2012 / 11:23

      Cheers Darlene, it doesn’t look quite as chic this morning. With all the hair product in there, I look like I’ve been electrocuted, ha ha :-)

  2. April 27, 2012 / 13:43


    I live in Steveston BC (south west area of Richmond BC). Let me know if you need any Vancouver tips or info for your upcoming trip to Canada.


    • April 30, 2012 / 14:36

      Hi Erin, thank you very much, that would be brilliant! :-)

  3. April 27, 2012 / 15:14

    Loving the short hair! Getting my hair chopped off is also on my to-do list. Travelling with long hair is a nightmare. I’ve also travelled with super short hair too and find that to be just as difficult because you can’t keep it off your face without using a million clips and grips, looks like you’ve gone for a great length!

    Good luck with the rest of your organising!
    Monica recently posted..Friday Photos Essay: St Basil’s Cathedral, MoscowMy Profile

    • April 30, 2012 / 14:36

      Thanks Monica, I know what you mean about short hair still getting in your face. My fringe is a little bit too short and annoying me a wee bit as gets in my eye, but over all I’m glad I got it cut and it’s definitely easier to tame than my previous mop head, ha ha :-)

    • April 30, 2012 / 14:31

      Thanks Annette, it’s a lot easier to manage and a nice change as well! :-)