Red Phone Boxes and Rustic Scenes in Horncastle, Lincolnshire

Horncastle is a historic market town in the English county of Lincolnshire. It is where I have worked for the past five years.

With two weeks left until my six-month Canada trip begins, and the chance of me ever stepping foot in this backwater again extremely slim, I have been taking lots of photographs to depict some of the aspects of this place that I like…

The red telephone box is a true British icon that is a real rarity today, due to most people having mobile phones. I love how Horncastle has two of them, which is amazing enough. What is even more amazing is that, as you can see in this photograph, one of them is actually being used!

This gorgeous clock is located on Horncastle’s High Street and I have spent plenty of time staring up at its hands as I waited for my bus home to Lincoln at the end of the working day.

Horncastle is a great place for picking up some fresh local produce and the fruit and vegetable shops always have tempting colourful displays.

There are plenty of traditional pubs serving real ales and locally sourced food.

I really like the facade of this antiques shop on East Street – one of many in the town. There are also quite a few second-hand bookshops.

A rustic sign that always catches my eye.

Gardens filled with beautiful flowers are aplenty.

A wooden gate leading to a disused windmill off the main road.

Two rivers run through Horncastle, where quaint rural scenes such as this can be found.

St Mary’s Church is a stunning setting, especially in the snow.

Some rusty blue railings, softened by red tulips.

Have you ever visited Horncastle or any place like it?