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Travel Insurance: How Do You Select The Right Policy?

I have heard countless stories about people who have gone abroad on the trip of a lifetime safe in the knowledge that they have travel insurance to compensate for any unforeseen circumstances, but found themselves left in the lurch after discovering that their policy was not as comprehensive at they thought.

As somebody who is currently looking for a six-month travel insurance package, I am wary about reading the small print and seriously thinking about what I need to be covered for.

The trouble is, there are so many different options available. The travel insurance market is a saturated one and there must be plenty of people out there concerned and confused about which one to go with.

Well, I am certainly one of them. Some of the questions I have been considering when looking at the detail of travel insurance policies are:

  • Will I be covered whilst working?
  • Are all of the adventure sports I want to participate in covered as part of the policy?
  • Will I be able to get replacements/compensation for any lost luggage or items stolen? Or will I need to put certain items, such as a lap top or camera, on to the policy for an additional cost?

One thing I definitely do not want to do is sacrifice a good deal for the sake of saving a bit of money. Having comprehensive travel insurance will give me peace of mind as I travel.

I have been on countless websites that compare different quotes, read online reviews and asked other travellers for advice. But I am still unsure which deal to go with.

With just two months to go before I get on the plane, I had better get a move on…

Have you got any tips for getting the best travel insurance? Have you ever been caught out by confusing policies that didn’t provide the expected cover?







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