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Climbing Arthur’s Seat – Edinburgh’s highest hill

Arthur’s Seat is the highest peak in Edinburgh and is a popular climb due to its panoramic views over the city. It is located in Holyrood Park and was formed by a now extinct volcano, similar to the rock which Edinburgh Castle was built on.

This climb takes around 45 minutes at a relatively slow pace and there is a path which is easy to follow, despite it being uneven and craggy in places.

I really enjoyed this hike – especially the wonderful views.

It is definitely a good workout getting to the top. There is nothing like hill walking to test your stamina. Although it was cold and breezy, sweat was literally pouring off me within ten minutes. We had to stop a few times to catch our breath.

During the climb, several runners, YES runners!, raced past us with ease. Some of them even passed us again on their way down as we were still on the way up.

I felt so out of shape and told myself to start working out to get fit for Canada this May, where I will be doing plenty of hiking.

Then finally we reached the top and could enjoy these fantastic views over Edinburgh.

It was extremely windy and we were walking around like astronauts. I had to take my hat off because it was almost blowing off.

Andy at the top of Arthur's Seat.

On the way down we stopped off to enjoy some of the medieval ruins in Holyrood Park, such as the 15th century St Anthony’s Chapel.

The remains of the 15th century St Anthony's Chapel

We finished off with a brisk walk through the park’s flatter areas, besides a pretty lake.

Some of the lake’s residents:

Have you ever climbed Arthur’s Seat?


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  2. Haha, I remember that an 80-year old man RAN past me on my way up Arthur’s Seat – my confidence was zero afterwards. But it’s a lovely sight, the scenery is amazing!

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