A Snowy Day in Lincoln and “Pointless Weather Photography”

What do you do when it’s cold and snowy outside? Usually we like to hibernate in front of the heater (there’s no lovely open fire in our flat I’m afraid). But today me and Andy decided to venture outside to tread some snow and get some fresh air. I also thought this would be a great opportunity to capture some atmospheric wintry photographs. 

Walking down our street, I spotted a red rose on the ground and was captivated by the contrast of the red and white.

I have no idea where this red rose came from, but it looked stunning on the snow

Andy cringing while I photograph the red rose

We arrived at the mostly frozen over Brayford Pool which is home to numerous swans. It was really misty but there were plenty of these beautiful birds around.

After heading inside to refuel with a nice hot drink and delicious full English breakfast, we went to see Man on a Ledge at the Odeon Cinema. This was a great film about… a man on a ledge.

Then I took some more wintry photos and Andy made me laugh hysterically by showing me an article from www.thedailymash.co.uk.

You’ll get the drift from this snippet:

“Arctic conditions across the UK are expected to drive people with too much time on their hands into a frenzy of pointless weather-based amateur photography.

But veteran life coach, Roy Hobbs, said: “Snowy things are far less of a novelty than you think they are. Stay indoors. You may think that lone bird on a fencepost looks exceptionally picturesque against a seasonal backdrop, but no-one else gives a tuppenny fuck.

“Your relatives might feign interest when you show off the contents of your new 1000-image strong ‘snowpics’ computer folder, but they will be bored. By the time you get to the 26th picture of the half-melted snowman, they’ll be thinking about the last time they had sex.”

If your eyes haven’t frozen over with boredom by now, here are some more ‘delightful’ winter scenes from Lincoln:

Churches along the High Street…

Birds, trees and barges…

Snow islands…

Do you like to stay inside during weather like this or get out and take some mediocre photographs?


  1. saleysbird
    February 5, 2012 / 19:02

    Lovely pics ;) this many is fine!!!