Bradda Head Walk

A picturesque walk to complete in the Isle of Man is the trek up to Bradda Head at Port Erin. The half an hour or so hike is more than worth it purely for the spectacular views. I have been on this lovely walk twice now. The first time, as you can see from these pictures, was what can definitely be described as a perfect day in terms of the weather.

It was warm, sunny and calm with clear views of the coast.

The second time I visited was during the spring when the weather was much more unpredictable. This time, the scenes encountered felt like a different place altogether. The bright blue sky featured in my initial visit was instead moody and grey. The peaceful atmosphere and soft breeze was replaced with a dark landscape, heavy winds and temperamental waters.

It was raining and generally miserable. But it was interesting as well. I captured this spooky image of Port Erin Bay:

While the first time was more of a leisurely walk, this was more like a constant battle against head-on winds, which at points felt strong enough to lift me off my feet; not good when following a path along the edge of cliffs. Needless to say, we did not make it all of the way to the top this time.

But we enjoyed watching numerous birds repeatedly diving into the tumultuous Irish Sea for their lunch. We had earlier enjoyed our lunch at a quaint little seaside cafe overlooking Port Erin beach. Fifties music played ubiquitously as the wind and rain battered the windows.

You might be wondering what that building is at the top of the cliffs. This is Milner’s Tower – a lock-shaped building constructed in 1871 in honour of William Milner, a Liverpool safemaker who was known as the ‘Godfather of Port Erin’ because of his charity work, which included helping out poverty-stricken fishermen.


  1. Pat Brudnicki
    December 14, 2013 / 09:10

    Hiked up to Milners tower in July 2010 was a great experience. Had done it before in1953, aged 10 with parents and brother. It always seemed like a pilgrimage whenever we were on holiday in Port Erin. I live in California now and Port Erin is still my favorite place in all the world.