What I Love and Hate About Twitter

The world of Twitter is filled with opportunities. But it can sometimes be frustrating.

I was never really big on social media until I discovered the amazing world of Twitter. As a new travel blogger, I decided to join Twitter as a way of networking with other bloggers and finding information relating to my interests. At first, I didn’t have a clue how everything worked.

I would put a link on every few days when my blog was updated, and that was about it. Retweeting and hashtags were both completely alien concepts to me.

Slowly I delved further into the Twitter world and began following more bloggers and regularly reading their posts. I found out about Twitter chats such as #TNI and #NUTS and began participating whenever I had the chance. I began retweeting posts that I liked and started tweeting on a daily basis.

While I have a lot of love for Twitter and have found numerous interesting travel blogs to follow as a result of joining this community, there are some elements that I have found annoying:

People who don’t follow back

I always feel a little bit disappointed when I follow people who don’t follow back. While I’m not necessarily saying this is wrong, as people can do whatever they like and some choose to only follow those that they know or have interacted with in some way (which is fine), I just think following back if somebody is a fellow blogger or has similar interests to you, and is not spam, is a nice thing to do.

Those that build up the numbers and later go on a deleting spree

Some people seem to have numerous followers and, in return, also follow numerous people. Then all of a sudden it is evident that a massive cull has taken place, and you happen to be one of the victims (sob).

It is difficult to keep track of who is following you, unless you go on www.friendorfollow.com which automatically gives you this information. I probably log on here once a week to see who isn’t following. But do I then delete them? No, not always. I follow plenty of great blogs that don’t follow me back.

Twitter cliques

There are groups that seem to stick together, retweet each other’s posts and generally scratch each other’s backs. There is nothing wrong with this. I always check out bloggers that RT my posts and submit comments and, if I like their content, will sign up for their RSS feed and keep an eye out for posts I can comment on.

But while some ‘top bloggers’ are kind and humble in their Twitter interactions – thanking people for RTs for example and acknowledging responses/comments – others appear not to be. It sometimes feels like in order to become a real part of the twitter community, being invited to tweetups etc, you need to have a massive following to be accepted into the inner sanctum.

Maybe this is just a perception, as I am still relatively new to Twitter. But, this is the impression I have been getting lately.

Do you agree/disagree with my comments? What do you think about Twitter?







  1. December 19, 2011 / 15:05

    I am complete twitter newbie.. and feel a bit afraid to try and invade into the world of twitter cliques. Glad to see that I am not the only one who felt that way.

  2. December 19, 2011 / 20:40

    Me too, it’s kind of like the real world really, where everybody has their groups that they tend to stick to.