Lincoln Cathedral: Up The Hill And Down The Stairs

The air was cool and crisp, the sky was bright blue. I thought this was the perfect day to take a leisurely stroll up to Lincoln Cathedral. On a lovely shiny day such as this, the gothic building is naturally illuminated, as are all of the other interesting buildings and features in this historic uphill area of Lincoln, England.

I have lived in this city for more than four years now, but I never get bored looking at Lincoln Cathedral.

To get there, we climbed up Steep Hill – recently voted as the Best Street in Britain. Then we spent ages simply staring at the stunning cathedral. I could look at it all day.

To get back down to the lower city again, we took the Greestone Stairs. This route is a medieval walkway which is said to be haunted. It certainly has atmosphere.

To get to the Greestone Stairs, we walked to the back of Lincoln Cathedral to find a side street called Greestone Place. This is adjacent to the cathedral.

An archway quickly appears in the near distance, leading down to the Greestone Stairs.

When you reach the bottom of the stairs, there is always the option of walking back up them again.

Or you could gawk at another architectural stunner – the Greestone Centre – which is located right at the bottom of the steps.

The Greestone Centre is part of Lincoln University’s Fine Art campus.


  1. December 6, 2011 / 13:08

    Looks lovely. I love these kind of days where it’s all crisp and blue and sunny. Love that photo through the pillars!

  2. December 6, 2011 / 18:41

    Hi Monica, thanks very much for your kind comment! It was a lovely fresh day, perfect for walking around. I’m obsessed with taking photos of the cathedral. I only wish I had a decent camera.