Britain’s Best Street: Steep Hill, Lincoln

It was no surprise to me to discover that Steep Hill in Lincoln was recently named as Britain’s best street by the Academy of Urbanism. This charming city climb is a real hub of history, featuring cobbled streets, Victorian style street lamps and nostalgic shop fronts.

As well as being ridiculously pretty, it is also lined with independent gems selling all sorts of lovely goodies from Belgian chocolate and second-hand books to vintage clothes and authentic Russian dolls.

How cute are these? Especially the tiny ones:

Steep Hill is such an attractive part of Lincoln, which links the High Street with the city’s uphill Cathedral Quarter.

This stunning street is actually 2,000 years old.

Tackling this urban mountain can be deceiving. When I first walked up here around four years ago, I was puffing and panting after a couple of minutes. There is a section which looks like the top, but it is actually the middle. Luckily, there are some benches located here if you need a breather. Handrails are also provided along the steepest parts.

Chances are, you will be stopping numerous times on the way up anyway to have a peek in all of the interesting shop windows. As well as the quirky shop selling Russian dolls, there are plenty of other novelty offerings, including a vintage sweet shop.

Unsurprisingly, there are always prying eyes fixated on the tasty looking displays in the window of the Belgian chocolate shop.

Conveniently located right at the top is the historic Magna Carta pub. Trust me, you will need a drink by the time you reach the peak. Steep Hill certainly lives up to its name.

Have you walked up Steep Hill? What do you think of Britain’s best street?


  1. November 14, 2011 / 23:40

    Really nice feature. We walk up it and take photos all the time! It’s beautiful. Very biased though :)

  2. November 15, 2011 / 18:17

    Thanks! Me too, I never get bored walking up Steep Hill. It is definitely beautiful and has so much character. Great exercise as well :-)