Beautiful Autumn Scenes In Horncastle, Lincolnshire

Autumn seems to be more on my radar than ever before. Walking around recently, I have been transfixed by the captivating colours of the leaves, and the graceful way in which they slowly glide towards the ground into a heap. The historic market town of Horncastle in Lincolnshire, England, is particularly pretty during this season.

Greens are mixed with bright yellows, burnt orange, rustic brown and the occasional burst of red to make for a really beautiful display; one of nature’s decorative marvels.

Some trees are already quickly shedding, with almost bare branches preparing to be covered with an inevitable blanket of snow this winter.

Piles of leaves accumulate along the pavements, brushed aside in a flurry, with some flattened into the ground, trodden by numerous stamps.

A glistening river is illuminated with gold and bronze, framed by trees that are blossoming with berries.

Tropical colours of pink and yellow make some leaves stand out more than others, gleaming brightly like they are almost lit up.

A usually green setting is transformed with a carpet of leaves.

Autumn colours brighten up a tree-lined road.

What is your favourite location for autumn scenes?