Lincolnshire Villages: They Have Great Names

Lincolnshire is a big place. In fact, it is the second largest county in England after North Yorkshire. But, despite its vastness, the space is actually filled mainly with hundreds of small market towns, villages and hamlets.

There are more than 700 villages in Lincolnshire. And many of them have really bizarre names.

Here are some of my favourites:

  • Hop Pole
  • Boothby Graffoe
  • Thorpe in the Fallows
  • Carlton Scroop
  • Silk Willoughby
  • Horbling
  • Guthrum Gowt
  • Byards Leap
  • Ashby cum Fenby
  • Ashby de la Launde
  • Dogdyke
  • Ferriby Sluice
  • Bicker Gauntlet
  • Boothby Graffoe
  • North Forty Foot Bank
  • Bicker Bar
  • Ashby Puerorum

Imagine somebody’s face if you told them you were from Hop Pole?

As well as some of the stranger names, which sound like they belong in a Harry Potter film, there are familiar ones as well.

Towards the south of the county is the tiny hamlet of New York. It is literally just a few houses and some fields. Of course, its name has nothing to do with New York, USA. It was apparently named after York in England.

When I moved to Lincoln four years a go, Lincolnshire’s only city, I was excited to discover that there is an area on the coast called Sandilands (my surname).

My Scottish dad was beside himself and I decided to take my family here when they visited.

Sandilands turned out to be a tiny resort-type place featuring a few holiday homes and a small golf course filled with pensioners.

My dad was still excited though and took a load of pictures – especially of the Sandilands sign. Bless him.

I never did find out what the link was. Sandilands is a ‘Scottish clan’ name, but it has Scandinavian roots as well. So, maybe it has something to do with the Vikings who would have arrived along the Lincolnshire coast in their droves in the 9th century.