Secrets Sprawled Over Coffee Shop Wall

I love coffee. I especially love drinking coffee in cool little cafes with quirky decor and lots of comfortable seating. There is a place like this in Lincoln, England, which has coffee so good that it has won many awards, including being named as one of the top ten coffee shops in the UK.

The first time I ever visited Coffee Aroma, I had a really strong Jamaican coffee. There are lots of South American varieties as well, which certainly pack a punch.

But, what makes this place so special is not just its great coffee.

Located in the upstairs coffee lounge is an intriguing wall of secrets where visitors share their deepest, darkest confessions.

Here are some of them:

“You think I’m reading your mind…but I’m just reading your blog.”

“I kissed your dad sorry.”

“I work with a lesbian. I secretly fancy her. I can’t tell her; we’re quite good friends. It didn’t stop me from trying it on after a few too many.”

“I wish I was a girl so I could have ‘his’ babies.”

And, for those secrets that are just not ready to be shared with the world…

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