The sights, sounds and smells at a Moroccan market

Wonderful bursts of burnt colours captivated my eyes, sweet smells of jasmine oil tickled my nose and the soothing notes of a buzuk bounced off my ear drums. This multi-sense experience was a Moroccan market filled with artisans selling hand-painted oil burners and magic-carpet like Berber rugs made from hand-spun cloth.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t actually Morocco. It was Mark’s Square in Lincoln, England.

I have never been to Morocco and therefore have not experienced walking amidst the bustling crowds at one of its famous souks or markets.

But, for me, the sights sounds and smells were as close as I had ever been to the North African country.

The Moroccan Market of Handicraft is on a tour of 15 English cities. The colourful market began its journey in Manchester in September and will finish off at Burton Upon Trent in November.

I hope to one day visit a ‘real’ Moroccan market.

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Have you visited Morocco? What did you enjoy most about the country?