‘Bombed out Church’ in Liverpool stages creative events

At a glance, this might look like any old church. But, despite its look of a full building from a distance, St Luke’s Church in Liverpool City Centre is actually a mere shell. And it has been since it was bombed in 1941.

It is known locally as the ‘Bombed out Church’ and its steps are a popular location for sandwich eaters on their lunch breaks from work.

But St Luke’s is now also used as a quirky setting for creative art and music events organised by Urban Strawberry Lunch.

USL consists of a group of eco musicians that play musical instruments ranging from the didgeridoo and saxophone to more obscure music makers, including a leg guitar which is made from a shop’s dummy leg and a bass instrument made from an archery bow.

The group formed in the 80s and found residence at St Luke’s in 2001. Since then, they have extended a programme of events to feature unplugged gigs, poetry readings, exhibitions, dramatic arts and dance.

For further information visit: http://www.usl.org.uk