Bog snorkelling, worm charming or extreme ironing anyone?

Some people have extremely ‘out-there’ ways of enjoying their leisure time outdoors. Here are some activities which can definitely be described as bizarre and eccentric…

Extreme Ironing

Doing your ironing is a boring chore. To make this bearable most people will stick the television on, or maybe play music to keep them entertained. But for some people, this usually dreary activity is considered to be an adventure sport. They climb mountains, go scuba diving and even hand gliding – all whilst ironing at the same time. Sounds impossible right? Apparently not. This crazy idea actually began in England in the 90s and the first world championships later took place in Germany.

World Bog Snorkelling Championships

Throwing on a wet suit and flippers and snorkelling through a bog in Wales might not sound like much fun. But hundreds of people sign up to do just that every August at Waen Rhydd peat bog in Llanwrtyd Wells. The World Bog Snorkelling Championships has been taking place here since 1985.

Woodhall Spa Worming Championships

For a couple of years now, the Woodhall Spa Worming Championships has been taking place in a village in the heart of the English county of Lincolnshire. Groups enthusiastically attempt to coax wriggly worms out of the ground using a range of tactics from good-old stamping to playing musical instruments.

Tin Bath Championships

Castletown Harbour on the Isle of Man is the location of the Tin Bath Championships. Since the 70s, people have ventured out into the water in their tin baths, basically trying their hardest not to sink – usually to no avail. Thousands of spectators watch from the sidelines in amusement as the participants struggle to stay afloat.