Beer in Bruges: Visit Staminee de Garre

Bruges is a charming and compact medieval city brimming with architectural eye candy…and plenty of places to get a good beer. Tucked away down a dark alley off the Market Square is the Staminee de Garre where a local brew (Garre) is exclusively available.

Located over two floors, this busy pub differs from the typical British watering hole.

It offers more than 100 different types of beer and has a relaxed cafe-like atmosphere with table after table of friends chatting and laughing.

This popular pub is always buzzing and tables quickly fill up, especially at the weekend.

All the tables were taken when we were there, but somebody let us share a table with them – a friendly Taiwanese guy who was on a solo trip around Europe.

There was only one waitress working two jam-packed floors.

She stalwartly whizzed around up and down the narrow stairs, with pints of beer of many colours in all sorts of different shaped glasses.

It is table service only and people do not have to pay until they are leaving. There are so many beers to choose from, it is difficult to make a decision. But, if in doubt, go with a nice pint of Garre! After all, you won’t be able to get it anywhere else.