Backpacking: The best thing I ever did

Travelling puts everything into focus. Getting away for two weeks might very well charge your batteries. But, just like those AAs, it doesn’t take long before energy-levels start to dwindle again. Backpacking long-term was without a doubt one of the best decisions I have ever made.

The six months I spent in Australia were a mixture of ups and downs – but all of them were definitely character building.

I look back on those memories fondly.

I left as a confused 21-year-old, who had recently graduated from university with a media degree, not knowing what on earth I was going to do for a living. I returned determined to get a career.

Within a week, I had found a job. It wasn’t an amazing job, but it was enough to allow me to save up for a year to pay for the journalism post-graduate course I wanted to do, which subsequently got me a job as a newspaper reporter.

The six months away were a whirlwind of memories. I saw some amazing places and experienced working in another country; I learnt how to do hospital corners from a stint doing housekeeping in five-star hotels in Queensland. I also did some hospitality work in Cairns and, at one point, even handed out leaflets for an internet cafe.

I loved living in the cosmopolitan hub that is Sydney and getting out to some amazing beaches – my favourite spot being Byron Bay.

But the best part was just being away – faraway –  from everything that was, for me, normality.

It’s so exhilarating throwing yourself into the unknown and it always makes you a stronger and more well-rounded person.