Cobbled streets and impressive architecture in the historic Bailgate area of Lincoln

The most breathtakingly stunning part of Lincoln is, without doubt, the uphill quarter of the city – known as the Bailgate area.
Here you will find cobbled streets and views of medieval buildings such as Lincoln Castle and Lincoln Cathedral…

But the visible pieces of history does not just stop at medieval. If you walk to the end of Bailgate, there is the amazingly well-preserved remains of a 3rd century Roman gate called the Newport Arch. This is believed to be the oldest Roman gate in the UK still actually used by traffic.

This whole area recently underwent a massive restoration and is looking brighter than ever.

As daylight fades, the place is illuminated in an extremely atmospheric way, with historic-looking street lamps. Also lit up is Lincoln Cathedral.
There are many traditonal-type English pubs and a variety of great restaurants around here as well.

The potential to turn this atmospheric location into an eerie setting is taken advantage of for the Lincoln Ghost Walk – an activity which takes place a few times a week.
I have been on this a few times and found it fascinating.

If you go on the Halloween ghost walk, they have ghoulish characters jump out on you as the crowds make their way around the nooks and crannies of the cathedral and various other dark, mysterious corners of this gothic area. The tour leaders always dress in a black hooded cloak and are certainly convincing with their tales of all of the reported ghostly goings on.