Liverpool: Look out for the ‘rollers’ girls

While a head filled with rollers might stereotypically be associated with Nora Batty out of Last of the Summer Wine, a Saturday walk around Liverpool might change your perception on this…Everytime I return home for the weekend I always spot several girls casually walking around with rollers in, no doubt in anticipation of a big night out. Nobody blinks an eye lid because this seems to be such a norm.

I even saw a couple of young girls once sitting in a restaurant with them in.

I’ve got to give it to them, they’ve certainly got balls. I wouldn’t do that. I would rather have flat, lifeless hair amidst a bar full of volumous barnets, than walk down the street like this.

The roller trend seems to be a big hit with Liverpool’s WAGS and the likes of Abby Clancy and Alex Gerrard are often snapped with their curlers proudly on show. Some say this looks chavvy and gives scousers a bad name.

As a scouser myself, I can safely say the majority are not curler-donning Oompa Loompas. Although I did hear recently that Liverpool is the ‘fake tan capital’ of Britain!