Paris cafes: Pouting, posing and people watching.

I remember reading somewhere that Parisians love to sit in cafes, pouting and posing. One thing I didn’t realise, however, until I visited Paris for the first time recently was that people watching is also such an obvious activity that comes with hanging around in the city’s many cool cafes…
The majority of the cafes have outside areas right on the streets, with the tables and seats facing directly towards the pavement.

People watchers can be seen scanning the crowds while sophisticatedly sipping their beverages.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m sometimes guilty of people watching. I’ve sat on those stools near the window in Starbucks and glanced at the passers-by – looking out for wacky outfits or watching people walking in zig zags to avoid being clawed into the grasp of the many charity collectors scouring the high street.

The difference is that this kind of people watching is not so obvious.

Oh well, I guess the Parisians know how to get their dose of entertainment along with their caffeine kick – especially from the lost tourists getting flustered with a fold out map, or nearly getting run-over because they don’t understand the traffic lights system.

If the lights are on green, sometimes the cars still come around the corner.
Why? I still haven’t quite worked this one out.