Cornish pasties: What qualifies as an authentic one?

Cornwall on England’s south-west coast is famous for its rugged coastline and beautiful beaches. It is also the home of the Cornish pasty.
According to the Cornish Pasty Assocation, a genuine Cornish pasty should have a destinctive D shape, folded over and crimped on one side.
The filling should include a minimum of 12.5 per cent of uncooked, minced or roughly-cut chunks of beef, along with swede/turnip, potato and onion, with a light peppery seasoning.
They must be slow cooked to ensure full flavour and cannot have any flavourings or additives.
On a recent visit to Newquay these pasties could be seen everywhere – all neatly lined up in bakery windows.
I’m not usually particularly fond of pasties, but I felt inclined to try this baby (pictured) and it was rather tasty.