Wall of secrets and great coffee in English cathedral city

“The Cuban one is spicy with a good body,” explained the friendly faced barista at Coffee Aroma. I was bought on this description! This small and cosy coffee shop in the centre of Lincoln has built up quite the following since it was opened in 2005.
The impressive selection of authentic coffees and well-trained staff has even won it accolades such as being named as the 5th best coffee shop in the world earlier this year.

While the coffee was being brewed, we took a walk upstairs to find our seats. There were two rooms.

A small cave of comfortable leather couches was filled with the raucous laughter and chatter of friends.

We ventured into the other larger room where there was a selection of different types of seating, including a long rustic wooden table with benches and a window seat piled with eclectic cushions.

We opted for a couple of cosy-cottage-type armchairs.

When the coffee arrived, it was served on a wooden tray with a glass of water.

It had a full-bodied and spicy taste alright – exactly as described.

The quirky decor kept me occupied. Sheet music was attached to some of the walls and a colourful cathedral image was painted on the ceiling.

Straight ahead of us was a ‘wall of secrets’ where visitors to the coffee shop had filled postcards anonymously with their deepest, darkest secrets.

Many of the statements were hilarious and bizarre, while others were quite sad. Well worth a visit. For its atmosphere as well as its great coffee.