Antiques, second-hand books and vintage guitars in Horncastle, Lincolnshire

If your idea of a good day out is foraging for unique finds in antique and second-hand book shops, then a trip to the historic market town of Horncastle in rural Lincolnshire would be worth your while.

This place is famous for its rich treasure trove of antique businesses – selling everything from luxury furniture and collector’s items, to general nostalgic bric-a-brac.

Among the selection of shops is the Trinity Centre in East Street, which is housed in an old church building and has a wide range of items, including vintage clothes and jewellery.

It is easy to get lost amid the stacks of furniture and bursting shelves at The Old Co-Op in North Street. But it is well worth a delve, as you never know what you will find.

Also located on North Street is a place that boasts a world-class collection of vintage guitars.

I am no musician, and I don’t know the first thing about guitars, but I was still amazed walking around Old Hat Guitars.
There are guitars of many different sizes, shapes and colours.

Some were bright and sparkly and others were old and tarnished. But they were all interesting.
I even spotted one which looked like it belonged in the medieval times.

Among the collection are rare guitars; I’m talking only a few in the whole world kind of rare.

All of this in a tiny market town in middle England! Who would have thought?