Coastal walking in the Isle of Man – Glen Maye to Peel Castle

The Isle of Man has a spectacular coastline – especially the west coast. An amazing coastal walk on this side of the island runs from Glen Maye to Peel Castle.

You can take advantage of parking at Glen Maye before delving into the lush greenery to begin the two hour hike.

The tree-canopied glen has water trickling over pebbles and rocks below, leading up a mini waterfall.

The walk then leads to a small, deserted pebbled beach cove before climbing quite dramatically up into the cliffs, eventually ending up on a path closely skimming the coast.

The route runs along the edge for the rest of the way now, with rugged cliffs occasionaly sloping down to make way for grazing sheep.

The footpath was heavily overgrown in most places, but it was still visible and easy enough to follow.

The sea was silent on this particular day, with the odd fishing boat spotted in the near distance.

This peaceful pass used to be followed by fisherman travelling between ports.

Peel Castle can eventually be seen from faraway, marking the end of the walk. It is on an islet and, although the main structure was built in the 14th century, there are ruins on the site believed to date back to 1000 AD